Pregnancy Announcement Fun {Howell Fowlerville Michigan Family Photographer}

Blessed beyond my imagination is all I can say about my life. I am grateful for all that I have and all that I am privileged to do on a daily basis. People trust me to come in to their lives and capture what is important to them, to have evidence of their beautiful moments. I am blessed.

This family, the Kaiser’s, I met at church. Tim leads worship and has the most amazing voice and Tessa is a rockstar mom. When I first saw their family at church, I immediately knew I wanted to photograph them. I never approached them about it though, I just sat back and admired their family from afar. But as fate would have it, one Sunday afternoon a few weeks back, my family and I happen to be walking out into the church parking lot. The Kaiser’s just so happened to be parked outside the door and I had to walk right by them. As I walked by, I heard Tessa say something like, “You’re gonna be a big sister” and “we’re gonna have a baby” – and the nosey person that I am, I couldn’t help but look over and kinda gasp at the wonderful news. The kids were so excited and taking it all in, so I asked them if I could take some quick iPhone snapshots to capture the moment (you’re not surprised are you). This led to us communicating about doing a fun announcement for family and friends on social media, hence these awesome family photos. I need to listen to my inner voice more often because I would have approached them months ago when I felt the urge to photograph them. But I also believe that there was a reason for me to walk out at the exact moment Tessa and Tim were sharing the news with their kids. All in HIS time, for sure. Now I have some new friends and can’t wait to meet baby #6! Congratulations to the Kaiser family and that lucky, blessed baby on its way. This baby will join a very special family and be so very loved by all. Enjoy the photos and keep me in mind if you have your own spectacular news to share!

SIDE NOTE: Thank you goes out to J. J. Jinkleheimer & Co. in Howell, for printing that #6 onesie up for me in a flash. The family loved it and will have it as a keepsake forever!

First, the iPhone snapshots from my first encounter with them, hahaha.





See all the photos from this session here in the slideshow!

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