Pregnancy Announcement Fun {Howell Fowlerville Michigan Family Photographer}

Blessed beyond my imagination is all I can say about my life. I am grateful for all that I have and all that I am privileged to do on a daily basis. People trust me to come in to their lives and capture what is important to them, to have evidence of their beautiful moments. I am blessed.

This family, the Kaiser’s, I met at church. Tim leads worship and has the most amazing voice and Tessa is a rockstar mom. When I first saw their family at church, I immediately knew I wanted to photograph them. I never approached them about it though, I just sat back and admired their family from afar. But as fate would have it, one Sunday afternoon a few weeks back, my family and I happen to be walking out into the church parking lot. The Kaiser’s just so happened to be parked outside the door and I had to walk right by them. As I walked by, I heard Tessa say something like, “You’re gonna be a big sister” and “we’re gonna have a baby” – and the nosey person that I am, I couldn’t help but look over and kinda gasp at the wonderful news. The kids were so excited and taking it all in, so I asked them if I could take some quick iPhone snapshots to capture the moment (you’re not surprised are you). This led to us communicating about doing a fun announcement for family and friends on social media, hence these awesome family photos. I need to listen to my inner voice more often because I would have approached them months ago when I felt the urge to photograph them. But I also believe that there was a reason for me to walk out at the exact moment Tessa and Tim were sharing the news with their kids. All in HIS time, for sure. Now I have some new friends and can’t wait to meet baby #6! Congratulations to the Kaiser family and that lucky, blessed baby on its way. This baby will join a very special family and be so very loved by all. Enjoy the photos and keep me in mind if you have your own spectacular news to share!

SIDE NOTE: Thank you goes out to J. J. Jinkleheimer & Co. in Howell, for printing that #6 onesie up for me in a flash. The family loved it and will have it as a keepsake forever!

First, the iPhone snapshots from my first encounter with them, hahaha.





See all the photos from this session here in the slideshow!

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Friend’s Snow Session {Howell, Michigan Teen Photographer}

Happy Saturday folks! I woke up to some beautiful snow falling from the sky; is it snowing where you are? I’ll admit that I am not a fan of snow, or maybe it’s the cold I’m not a fan of really. But when it snows big, soft, fluffy snowflakes, I love it! It’s calming and so pretty to me, so I knew that I wanted to do a snow session while the snow was still pretty.  Luckily, I have a beautiful daughter who has some truly wonderful friends and who want to model for me; lucky me!! I had so much fun with these girls; the teenage years! They don’t care if they act silly in front of me and they are always laughing. I LOVE hanging out with them and photographing them to show off their fun and serious sides at this age. I sure hope you like what you see here. They each have such fun personalities and are just so beautiful inside and out. I’ve gotten to know Kaleah and Grace throughout this past year through our church and just love their hearts and love for Christ. Bella has become super involved at church with the middle school worship band and met Grace and Kaleah through church. I am hoping to have all three of them on my Underclassmen/Teen model team this year (look for that soon). Off topic, I am now on SnapChat for those of you who would like to follow along on behind the scenes stuff and clips from sessions. Be sure to follow me, KarinaGPhotography, on SnapChat. Enjoy the slideshow at the bottom of this post!

Above: It’s these moments that I LOVE to capture; pure happiness.


Above: Meet Kaleah.


Above: Meet Grace.


Above: Meet Bella.


I love these girls and their beautiful giving spirits!


Have a great weekend and go bless someone today!

Later folks!

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Class of 2016 Senior Model Fair Session

I’m so excited to FINALLY share this session! A few weeks back I grabbed my senior models (and my lovely daughter, Bella) and headed to the Balloonfest fair for some fun! The weather was great, the atmosphere and my models were all awesome! I’m so happy that these young adults chose my studio to represent. They are full of life, laughter and FUN! I had to shoot on two separate days because the weather prediction called for rain on one of the days. Unfortunately, the four models couldn’t all make the same day, so I just photographed without Hannah on one day, and asked Bella to step in on a few shots. We missed having Hannah there on the second shoot, but I know that the next day she was traveling the world and living life to the fullest. A special thanks to my Bella for stepping in on short notice to represent the Class of 2016, even though she isn’t even in high school yet! She is my assistant and my side-kick, so without her help, I’d be lost! A HUGE shout out to my 2016 models, Hannah, Alexa, Alison and Collin – you all ROCK!!!  Find them on social media or if you know them ask for a referral card to get some freebies from your senior session.

If you haven’t booked your senior portraits yet, I would love the opportunity to photograph you. I love what I do, I love the people I get to meet and the friends I make. Book your session TODAY! 517.546.6654  Enjoy the slideshow video and photos from our fair session!






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Kelsey, Class of 2015 Linden High {Linden, MI Photographer}

I had an absolute blast photographing Kelsey for her outdoor session. She brought along a friend and we all laughed quite a bit. Kelsey contacted me after getting photos taken by another photographer, and she just wasn’t thrilled with their outcome. So I was happy to take on that challenge of capturing her so she could see her beautiful self. I love it when my clients feel good about themselves after seeing what we captured together. Kelsey, you are a doll and it was fun getting to know you. I wish you the best and hope you will have these photos for many years to look back on.


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Hunter, Class of 2015 Howell High {Howell, MI Photographer}

Photographing guys is so much fun!! I don’t get to do it as often as I would like, and I’m not sure why since I know guys need senior portraits too. Most of the guys I shoot tell me that they are here because their mom wanted some photos of them. I’ll take that! Us moms LOVE photos of our kids, especially the boys because boys usually don’t go camera happy like the girls do. If you don’t believe me, go look at Instagram, lol, girls take 100 times more selflies than boys. But anyway, I loved photographing Hunter, who came as a referral from one of my reps, Nick. Hunter was a hockey player for the Howell High School team and he really enjoyed it. I tried to make Hunter comfortable and made it a quick session, to ease the pain of being photographed:)  Honestly, he did great and was a breeze to photograph. I absolutely LOVED his dog Chevy, who surprisingly let me get some great captures of the two of them! Some of my favorites below. Hunter, best of luck in your future and give Chevy a big hug from me!



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