Nikole, Class of 2015 Pinckney High {Pinckney, MI Photographer}

Now it’s Nikole’s time to be showcased. I had a great time with Nikole and her mother at her outdoor session on my property. She started off with hair and make-up done by one of my lovely HMUA, Hannah (Hair by Hannah), and then the fun began. She was easy to photograph and I love how her photos came out. The sun was perfectly set this day for some great coloring. Below are just a few favorites from her session.  Nikole, I hope you enjoyed your senior year and made some wonderful memories. I appreciate the opportunity to photograph you and capture you during your senior year. I wish you only the best!



Georgia Garrett - Beautiful girl! She has the awesomest hair-jealous! Love these pics, Karina. As always, great work. :)

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Ethan, Howell High School Class of 2015 {Howell, Michigan Photographer}

I still have many Class of 2015 Seniors to share! I apologize for getting so behind. Life has been so crazy busy, trying to catch up with prepping for this upcoming season. I am getting so excited to start photographing the Class of 2016! I have some new shooting areas on my property and a new studio area being built in our pole barn. After almost 10 years of shooting out in my converted garage space, I am finally moving over to a more comfortable space, just across my driveway. Happy that my husband is giving up some of his barn so that I can gain some space to photograph my lovely clients!  Now, on to this handsome now graduated senior, Ethan. I love this kid and have literally watched him grow into a wonderful young man. His family is special to me, and I have absolutely loved photographing Ethan and his older two brothers throughout the years. Ethan is the baby, so unfortunately, no more senior pics from the Friend family, but I know I will get to capture some family photos soon! Congrats Ethan. Love you kiddo!


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Throwback Thursday {Howell, Michigan Portrait Photographer}

I couldn’t wait to post these photos of beautiful Abbey Elizabeth, from Indiana. I met her at a photography workshop, Modern Senior, hosted at one of my photographer friend’s studio in Indianapolis, Indiana (Marci Ralph of Marci & Victor Photography) last summer. It was so much fun to learn, hang out and soak in all the knowledge that was shared at that workshop. Getting to hang out with a handful of photographers who share your passion is amazing! But getting to photograph all the wonderful high school models and college model, Abbey, that was the extra fun part. The red hummer shot was taken on top of a building rooftop in downtown Indianapolis; so much fun! Abbey is an excellant dancer and has the best personality, but she absolutely killed it as a model! I hope you love them too!



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Brooke, Class of 2015 Stevenson High School {Senior Photographer)

I have been out of commission for a couple of weeks, but I’m back! Wrapping up the Class of 2015 and gearing up for the Class of 2016. I’m excited and refreshed and ready to go. But first, I need to show off and brag about some more of my clients. Brooke, the beauty below, was on my senior model team this year. She came all the way from Stevenson High School down in Livonia. Her cousin, Angelica, happened to be one of my models last year, so bringing on Brooke was a must! I loved photographing her, and yes, you have seen her before because she won the Winter Glam the Dress contest the winter before last so I photographed her in the snow. Those were gorgeous pictures as well. I hope you like these photos, they are some of my favorite from Brookes senior experience session, studio and outdoor. Her makeup was done by our Hair and Make-Up artist, Hannah DuFresne. Enjoy!



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Ashley, Class of 2015 {Senior Photographer, Howell, Michigan}

The more I look back at these photos from this past group of Class of 2015 seniors, the more I smile and thank God for my career. I am SO overly excited to be a photographer. Truly, I am blessed to be able to be a part of these teens lives, in such an important year of their lives. To be trusted to capture who they are, who they see themselves to be, and who their parents see today; it is overwhelming. I love getting to know my clients in the little time that we are together. I love hearing about their lives, what they have been doing up until their senior year and what their hopes and dreams are for their future. With most of my sessions, only a handful of parents tag along with their senior. I leave it up to them to discuss it with their child because most kids will loosen up in front of the camera if their parent isn’t there to watch. So, on the rare occasion when a parent does come along to the session, I put them to work, to either hold a reflector or fix hair, or simply to help me get their child’s real smile to come out. At this session, with Ashley from Howell High, her beautiful mother came along and I was thrilled when she agreed to let me capture some portraits of the two of them together. I cannot stress enough how important it is as a parent to get in photos with your kids. IT’S SO IMPORTANT! As a woman and mother, I have had so many issues as to why I never wanted to get in front of the camera for so long now. But, thankfully now, at least once a year, I ask my family to have a family portrait taken, with me in it. I know that I want to exist in those photos for my kids and for their kids. Our children are going to love us for who we are, as their parent. They don’t see the flaws that we seem to find in ourselves. So, I urge you not to worry so much about how you look; capture those moments with your kids, no matter what age they are. Choose to exist in those moments that are so precious, because they will only last in photos. I hope that Ashley and her mother Sally will always treasure these photos that they have now. You can see it, all the love they have for one another. Sally adores Ashley, and I witnessed it. What an honor to have had the chance to capture this for them. Ashley, I hope you enjoyed your senior portrait experience and that you follow all your dreams. You are such a kind soul!





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