What You Need To Know


You want your senior portraits to reflect YOU! When you look in your closet… your dresser… your floor… what clothes and accessories most define YOU? What do you grab first when you’re going some place special? How do you style your hair? These are good places to start.

We want to help you make your senior session fun and totally memorable. We will help bring out your best assets and create some really special portraits. We will work as a team, so please read the following information. It may answer some of your questions, but mostly make your session successful if you follow the guidelines.

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Let’s start off with the weather. If you have an outdoor session, those are mostly scheduled first thing in the morning or towards the end of the day.  Overcast is fine, but if it rains, we will reschedule the outdoor session but still shoot the indoor session.

Clothing changes are unlimited during your session, which usually run an hour (maybe a little over) depending on your chosen session. That being said, the better prepared and organized you are and the quicker you change, the more photos we can take. Be sure to show up on time, even 10 minutes early so we can go over your outfits. If you show up more than 15 minutes late we may need to reschedule or shorten your session. Being on time is so valuable.

You should wear solid colors, t-shirts, long or ¾  sleeves. Bring a solid dark top and a solid white, long sleeve shirt for the white on white shots.

Bring a variety – t shirt ‘n jeans, sweater and khakis, a formal dress, tie and dress pants, flip flops, boots, and your letter jacket. Hats, if you wear them, are a great way to change your look easily. *Remember different colors too – you don’t want every portrait to be of you wearing blue.

Don’t forget about your yearbook portrait. Most schools around here do not allow for bare skin/shoulders to show or for plain t-shirts to be worn. Check with your school for any clothing policies.

LADIES, bring in a jacket with a fur hood, prom dresses, scarves, SHOES and don’t forget the jewelry (though it shouldn’t be too much). Also, don’t leave your make-up behind. I will have you touch it up between clothing changes, unless you have used our make-up artist. I HIGHLY recommend getting your make-up done by one of our licensed Hair and Make-up Artists, to help make your senior portrait session an experience to remember. If you choose to do your own make-up, that is fine, just be sure that you bring a pressed powder to cover up the shiny spots on the face, a tinted lipgloss or lipstick, along with mascara and blush. With all the lights on you, these will help with coloring and save me a ton of time post processing. Please have your make-up applied when you get here if you are not using a make-up artist, so that we can get started with your session right away.

GUYS, I suggest bringing chapstick with you just incase your lips are chapped or dry during the session. Trust me, it happens.

(Are you still with me? Still reading? If so, you are half way there. Keep reading…it’s worth it!)

Don’t get anything waxed the day before or day of your session. Waxing will leave your skin blotchy and red and will show up in your portraits.

Make sure you bring your clothes ironed and on hangers. This is very important. Clothes stuffed in bags will have wrinkles and they will show up in your photos.

Keep it Rated PG. Swimsuits and showing a little skin is fine, if that’s what you and your parents want, but “see-through” clothing may be a bit much. Keep in mind that if you are wearing white tops and/or bottoms you should wear coordinating under garments so they don’t show through.

Avoid wearing too tight of clothing or too baggy clothing. Simple styles look best!

We will be photographing some shots in barefeet, so please be prepared. Clean nails, both on hands and feet, are a must. Ladies, if you want to have painted nails be sure to use neutral colors so they don’t stand out. Also, chipped painted nails will show in your photos, so please touch up before your session.

Please avoid wearing big logos, plaids and stripes – they take away the focus from your face, and that’s what it’s all about. Also, horizontal stripes make a person’s shape wider to the eye.

I don’t suggest that you change your hair (style or color) right before your session, even two weeks before. It takes a little time for it to grow in and feel natural. You won’t look like YOU.

If you tan regularly then that’s fine. If you don’t, now’s not the time to try. Avoid tan lines and sunburns – they will show up in your portraits, and only minimal touch ups are included. Having to even out the tan and cover up sunburns are just too much work. Besides, tan lines and peeling skin are not a good portrait look!  Please be aware of the spray on tanning products, also. Those chemicals tend to leave a person orange, and believe me, you will notice the difference.

If you wear glasses, there most likely will be glare. Most optometrists will remove the lenses for you or let you borrow a pair of look-a-likes without the lens to wear during your session; this will make the session much easier for you.

Now, for the final tip, be sure to bring your iPOD or MP3 player with you. We will play your favorite songs during the session to help you loosen up. GOTTA have music playing, no matter what.

Whew…. you are done! I know it seems like alot, but trust me when I say that your portraits will be fabulous if you follow these guidelines. Infact, I believe this so much that if you read all of the tips and guidelines, and mention them to me at your session, I will reward you with 8 complimentary wallets; just for following the guidelines.

Now relax. Breathe. You are finished with these helpful tips and guidelines. Now let the fun begin! So relax and be yourself, leave the rest up to me!